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Gift a Scholarship!

HCHSA serves a wide spectrum of demographics across the Hill Country. Some families need help from time to time. If you feel led to donate an Annual Association Membership Scholarship of $36, help cover the $40 co-op registration fee for a family for one semester, sponsor a co-op student for the cost of a specific class, or donate any scholarship amount to the Association and/or Co-Op, now you may do so at the click of a button! Thank you for helping our local homeschooling familes continue to pursue education in the way they believe is best. WHAT A BLESSING YOU ARE! 

Please email us at [email protected] if there is specific information you need us to know concerning your donation or if you have questions. Color quarter-fold gift cards are here below for you to print if you would like to give your scholarship to someone yourself.

The only major credit card we do NOT accept is American Express. Our preferred payment method is Debit / ACH, so, if you please, select "Check" after clicking the pretty green button here.

Thank you!